Goals: Bring it on 2014!

The first semester of my senior year has flown by, with each month seeming to get shorter and shorter. As 2014 gets closer, I have been thinking about resolutions for next year. I normally don’t even make New Year resolutions because I think they are just destined for disappointment, especially with everyone pessimistically tweeting about how they stopped working out or stopped eating healthy by January 3rd. But this year is different. I’ve realized the true importance of goals and plan on coming up with several realistic goals for the new year that will, hopefully, stick around for much longer than a year.

Setting goals helps you stay organized and focus on things you want to accomplish. I have not always been the most organized person – just ask any of my friends and they’ll jump at the chance to vouch for this – but this year I have really started to work on and improve my organization skills: I started to keep a weekly planner with assignments, meetings and other appointments, started to organize papers and assignments from school more efficiently and began organizing files on my computer. I’ve started to keep my room cleaner and even started finding fun ways to decorate it. It may not have always come naturally to me, but now you can be assured I’ll never return to my old ways.

Decorated my room with Christmas lights
Decorated my room with Christmas lights!

Room pic 2Even more important than a planner full of to-do’s are my goals. This year, I set goals for organizing my social media (especially my Linkedin), making more connections, getting more involved on campus and beginning to apply for jobs. These goals made all the difference in my year and made me feel like I wasn’t wasting my time or skills any longer.

Which brings me to the reason I’m even discussing goals at all right now: because they make all the difference.

Next year’s goals:

1) Figure out what to do with the rest of my life (aka – Find a job). This is kind of a given, I guess. I’m one of those college seniors who hasn’t found exactly what I’m supposed to be doing career-wise. But this only gives me more opportunities to figure out what it is – what exactly I will do that will interest me and help me grow. I cannot wait to figure out what it is! Sometimes, the process of finding out what you are passionate about can be the most fun part.

2) Grow. I want to grow in my relationship with God, my relationship with others and in my relationship with myself. This could mean finding new hobbies, delving more deeply into interests I already have and reading the Bible more, learning how to take what I learn and really apply it to my everyday life. We are meant to grow.

3) Give. Whether it is giving to a church, to a friend, to a family member or to a complete stranger, I have been given so much and the least I can do is find ways to give to others.

4) Stop drinking sodas. It sounds ridiculous but this bad habit will probably be the hardest to change.

5) Cross something off my bucket list. I’ve realized this is the age where you have to start thinking about jobs and growing up…but that does not mean you have to forget about the fun stuff. I am 21 and about to graduate college and this is actually the perfect age to do whatever I want – before I have a family or a long-term job that ties me down in one area. I’m determined to do something (hopefully travel-related) I’ve always wanted to do.

Tip: Find a friend that has the same feeling and cross something off the list together – it’s something you’ll always remember.

snow pic 2

6) Show love and gratefulness to those I love more often. Recent events in my community have reminded me how quickly people can be taken away, before you have a final chance to show them or tell them how much they mean to you. My goal: to not have hard feelings or unspoken apologies. Show those around you how much you love them as often as you can.

roomie pic

Hopefully, I can keep these six goals on my mind and in my heart and can take actions next year to stick by them, not letting them fade away after January. I’m not expecting some revolutionary change or “new year, new me” type of thing. I’m also sure I will come up with more. In the mean time, these will just help keep me on track, not lose sight of what’s important, and continue to grow each day. Bring it on 2014!