Next Chapter: The Concrete Jungle

Tomorrow, I move to New York City. Ever since I was twelve years old gazing at the lights in Times Square, I’ve known I wanted to go back to the Big Apple someday. In high school, I even dreamed up a plan to move there with two of my best friends. Although that may not be happening (yet), I decided there was no better time to go on my own than when I’m still trying to figure out what to do with my scary, adult-ish, post-college life. If I can just postpone real adulthood a little longer, I’ll be happy.

I am lucky enough to have a summer internship at Sumpto, an online marketing and brand insights platform targeting college students, and a part-time internship at Firelight Introductions, a unique (soon-to-be-launched) app focused on letting friends play matchmaker. I found two great opportunities that I feel are perfect for me at this time in my life. And I feel so grateful for that. In the middle of the panic and stress of senior year in college when everyone seems to know what they’re doing but yourself, I finally found what I was supposed to do. Whether it’s to further define my career goals or to just to do something I’ve always wanted to do, I’m supposed to be there this summer. But being sure about that doesn’t make it easy.


In fact, leaving home is harder than it’s ever been. Not only did Charles get a pug puppy that I’m now extremely attached to…but there are also weddings, music festivals, concerts, lake weekends, and birthdays with friends and family I’m giving up.

And I’m more intimidated than ever. I’ve traveled and been away from home for a while, sure, but I’ve never done it completely alone. I’m going to be living and working with people I’ve never met before – and that’s new for me. When you add the fact that I’ve never lived anywhere but the South…well, let’s just say this will be interesting.

But see, even though I’m having more trouble leaving and I’m more nervous than I’ve ever been, I also can’t wait. I’ve always imagined doing this. Who knows if it will look anything like my amazing, Sex-and-the-City-fabulous, big-city life dream version of it? No matter what, I know it’s about to be another great adventure and I’ll look back so happy that I did it. Keep an eye out for my NYC Bucket List, coming soon. I challenge everyone to do something they’ve always wanted to do – big or small. Don’t look back and wish you had.

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