Don’t worry…Beyoncé

I would have considered myself extremely lucky this summer just to have the chance to live in New York City.

But it didn’t end there.

Two weeks ago, after being in NYC for exactly one month, I had the opportunity to go to Montego Bay, Jamaica with Charles and his family. Jamaica was absolutely beautiful – soft beaches with crystal-clear turquoise water surrounded by rich, green mountains. But there was more to it than the beautiful scenery. Jamaica was defined by this infectious joy and contentment with life. And this atmosphere made it possible to forget about life in NY and relax by the ocean for a bit, where there is no rush and there are “no worries, mon.” We snorkeled and kayaked in the Caribbean Sea. We ate authentic jerk chicken. Charles and I found a new favorite drink (the dirty banana, a perfect morning-on-the-beach drink).


charles and me

We even learned some of the local lingo. The word “Irie” has a joyful and spiritual meaning for Jamaicans, meaning (from what we were told by the locals) “everything is alright/great, no worries”. But it seemed like more than a casual phrase. It seemed to capture a powerful, positive feeling and quality to life. Something we don’t really have a word for here in the U.S., at least not that I can think of.

The coolest thing we did in Jamaica (and probably the coolest thing I’ve ever done) was swim in bioluminescent water. We went to the Luminous Lagoon, home to microorganisms that emit a phosphorescent light when stirred up. When the boat moved, the water began to glow bright blue. When when fish swim around, you can see them below the water, appearing as bright blue streaks. We were told this was one of 3 places in the world with such waters and this one, in particular, was the largest because Jamaican water is so warm. We even got to swim in it with the water lighting up around us. It was too dark to take good pictures on our phones, but here’s a picture from the website of the Luminous Lagoon.

Screen shot 2014-07-13 at 9.42.18 PM

Next, after a blissful week in Jamaica, I went back to New York for an exciting week!

I met my friends Jodi, Brennan and Laura Ann in NYC and we took a bus to Baltimore to see….wait for it…BEYONCÉTo add to this already unbelievable summer, I got to see Beyoncé and Jay Z perform 40 songs together…definitely a special show to see. Bey looked and sounded #flawless. After seeing her live, I can tell you based on her vocals, dancing and just overall performance (same goes for Jay Z – best live rap I’ve ever seen), she is definitely not overrated. And I’m not just saying that so the Beygency doesn’t get me.



So…it’s kind of ridiculous the summer I’m having. For now it’s back to working life in NYC. The summer’s halfway over so I have to take advantage of the rest of my time.

But, no worries. Irie.

One thought on “Don’t worry…Beyoncé

  1. In Danish they have a word “hygge,” which is close to meaning cozy but is more about enjoying a nice atmosphere with loved ones. We definitely had some hygge time even cramped in your room and on the air mattress :))


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